Our graduate programs are designed to meet the needs of high-potential working professionals and executives looking for career advancement. These unique programs are accelerated, convenient, and flexible giving you the knowledge and skills needed to become a leader in your industry.

Online MS in Engineering Management

FIU’s online Master of Science in Engineering Management offers a fast-track to engineering leadership by developing managers who understand both the engineering and business aspects of technology. With FIU’s fully online program, you can advance your engineering career with our flexible program that combines technical, law, and business courses.

MS in Internet of Things (IoT)

The Master of Science in Internet of Things (IoT) enables graduates in computing and related areas to pursue a graduate degree in a very attractive discipline. In this fast-growing area, the M.S. in IoT degree provides a sought-after set of technological skills. 

MS in Logistics Engineering

Logistics Engineering is an emerging engineering field dedicated to an optimal design and operations of a logistics system that involves in forecast, procurement, transport, production, storage, distribution, and warehousing of materials and finished goods.

Online MS in Computer Engineering: Network Security

Cyberattacks are surging in all categories of the digital sphere and are likely to become more frequent and damaging. With ongoing high-profile attacks on network management companies, the critical need for professionals who can counteract, contain and even prevent network breaches has moved to the forefront, highlighting the great need for graduates with an M.S. in Computer Engineering.