July 12/13/14 – July 26/27/28

Fri-Sun: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Hybrid: In-person/Online

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Q & A Information Session

June 3rd, 5 PM – 5:30 PM


If you are looking to become a state-certified general contractor here in Florida, you have come to the right place! Consolidate what could take many months of studying down to just 2 weeks of review and preparation with FIU’s General Contractor Exam Review course. This is a complete review and preparation for the Business and Finance Exam and the Contract Administration and Project Management Exam. There will be a book-by-book comprehensive review of technical concepts and principles. Students will learn how to review, tab, and highlight all reference books and codes. Exam-taking strategies, skills, and techniques will be taught. The class will work on a practice exam, complete with a review and discussion of the questions and answers. Students will be taught how to approach questions, and how to solve, answer, and verify the correct answer. In addition, the class will work on test-taking methods and time efficiency.

The course will concentrate on exam questions and problem-solving. The topics addressed include:

  • Business/Finance and Construction Math Problem Solving
  • Fundamentals of Accounting for Construction
  • Basics of Plan Reading / Quantity estimating and Costing
  • Understanding of contract change orders and purchase orders.
  • Means and methods of Construction and critical code review
  • OSHA basics
  • Basic Project Scheduling techniques.

Program Tuition and Schedule

Classes take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The course takes place over two (2) weeks with three (3) classes offered each week.
The class will be taught live in-person but can also be joined online.

Plus One year access to two-hour online Q&A webinar with the instructors every week on Wednesdays [ 4pm – 5pm Business & Finance | 5pm – 6pm Trade Knowledge]

Tuition: $1150

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The books including tabs and tab instructions would cost $1825.00 Plus a Sales Tax of 7%. Books can be ordered by emailing support@constructionprof.com. It is advisable that all the students have bought the books and book tabs from here as the instructions would follow the tabs.

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+ One year access to two-hour online Q&A webinar with the instructors every week


$1150 Tuition

(Books sold separately)


  • Prepare with an experienced instructor who will give you all the tools you need to pass the first time
  • With focused lectures and exam strategies, you will enhance your knowledge
  • Small in person class format with personalized attention



Call: 1-844-244-7227


Please visit the DBPR Florida website to read the construction industry FAQs.

Certificate of Completion Awarded after attending all course dates, complete all assigned coursework and in-class activities.