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March 23 – May 25

Registration Deadline: March 23

Tuesdays (Online)

7 P.M. – 10:00 P.M. 

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The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification prepares you to manage improvement projects. Our program prepares you to work on company-wide improvement projects with Black Belts or on smaller departmental projects. The Green Belt Certification provides you with the DMAIC data-driven tools to “Define” opportunities for improvement, properly “Measure” and collect data to understand the gap, “Analyze” and “Improve” processes and “Control” to guarantee the sustainability of the improvement effort.

Unique Features

Working as a team, our instructors incorporate their real-world experiences and make this dynamic certification interactive and applicable to any industry. Each instructor is a specialist in a particular topic, providing the class with the practical knowledge needed to implement all the theoretical concepts learned in class. Our program will help you bring your professional experience to the next level, whether you want to make an impact in your company or in your job search.

Using presentations, group interactions, videos and student guides, our instructors will make the direct connection between theory and practical business reality.

As a result of this program, you will gain:

  • tools that you can implement immediately in your job.
  • the opportunity to get professional feedback and one-on-one mentoring in any project or initiative.
  • over 30 hours of classroom training and mentoring

Learn more about how a Six Sigma Green Belt course can push your career to the next level.


This course applies to anyone in the organization who will be part of a process improvement project staff, line supervisors, managers and directors in all areas of the company, such as manufacturing, operations, customer service, engineering, logistics, sales, quality and purchasing.

If you already have a Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt Certification and is looking to advance to the Black Belt, click here for more information.



“I took this course during my junior year at FIU and I honestly did not know what I was expecting or how I was going to understand industry-related problems and scenarios. The instructors made the class very interactive and broke down any concepts I may not have understood. After learning the methodology, I realized that this is something I could implement to almost any environment, which can be extremely beneficial even in school projects. I hope to continue future activities that involve Lean Six Sigma.”


-Camila Madera


“Excellent. You have instructors with a high level of experience and knowledge.”

-Former Student, July 2020

“great course , great teachers! great to learn with examples!”

-Former Student, July 2020

“Great experience. Looking forward to get a black belt in the future.”

-Former Student, July 2020

“It’s excellent”

-Former Student, July 2020

“Fantastic, great learning.”

-Former Student, July 2020

“10 /10″

-Former Student, July 2020

Program Details

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Upcoming Sessions
Spring 2021
March 23 – May 25
Tuesday (online)
Course Outline


The course introduces the definitions of what Lean Six Sigma is, its history, application and examples of its use and benefits. The introduction ends with the definition of ‘waste’ and the different types of waste, after which, students are encouraged to identify waste in their immediate environment.


Learn how to select project opportunities and how to properly develop a basic understanding of the process to be improved. In this phase, the student will learn how to develop the “contract” that will guide the team throughout the project.


Data collection is expensive! It takes time and resources. Learn how to collect data efficiently and effectively to guide the team to robust solutions.


Learn how to find the root cause of problems by identifying the critical few causes that will provide the maximum return.


Learn how to identify and select the solutions that will provide the best return on investment and how to properly implement them, including the documentation and execution of the new process.


Learn how to sustain all improvement efforts, from the use of audits to statistical process control. These tools will guarantee that the team’s efforts were not in vain.


Learn how to make the process faster, how to perform Value Stream Mapping and how to properly implement 5S – a tool that will make your plant more efficient, deliver better quality and be always tour ready.


Most of the work that is done on improvement projects occurs during team meetings. The course covers topics such as; individual attitude, effective communications, basic facilitation skills, effective meetings, lead successful meetings, and tools for improving meetings.



Gubiath Rojas
Is a Senior Business Process Improvement Consultant with EPIC Consultants in Miami, FL with over 20 years of experience.  Gubiath is a Six Sigma Black Belt and business development professional with extensive experience and accomplishments across multiple industries, such as aerospace, medical, finance, construction, manufacturing, education, media broadcasting and telecommunications.  Gubiath has a master’s degree in engineering management, a bachelor’s in industrial and systems engineering and has been a lead professor for lean and Six Sigma professional certifications at FIU and EPIC Consultants for four (4) years.


Luiz Nery
Is a Senior Business Process Improvement Consultant with EPIC Consultants in Miami, FL.  Luiz is a mechanical engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt and lean management graduate at FIU. With 12 years of international experience in continuous improvement in different manufacturing and office environments, Luiz’s experience includes the application of lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and TPM tools.  Before joining EPIC Consultants, Luiz worked in companies such as Unilever, Indústrias Romi, Philips and Panalpina and is currently the Corporate Relations Director at IISE Greater Miami Chapter.


Alfredo Moran
Is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt with an Advanced Supply Chain Certification and is a Senior Project Manager at EPIC Consultants in Miami, FL.  Alfredo holds a master’s degree in industrial and systems engineering and has had a progressive service, government and manufacturing career of over 25 years in continuous improvement.  Alfredo is an experienced lecturer in industrial engineering courses and professional certifications for Six Sigma, lean systems, supply chain, and ISO and has been teaching at FIU’s College of Engineering & Computing since 2006.


Johnny Rojas
Is a Senior Project Manager at EPIC Consultants in Miami, FL with extensive experience and accomplishments in directing full cycles for complex, multisite programs and initiatives for over 20 years. Johnny has led projects in manufacturing, healthcare, government, retail, aviation, banking and distribution environments. Throughout his experience, Johnny has generated operational costs reduction ranging from 15 to 40 percent and quality improvement and error reductions of 20 to 50 percent.  Johnny is an adjunct professor at FIU, developing and delivering professional training in lean systems and Six Sigma since 2006.





$1200 (online)

Payment Plans Available


  • Collect accurate data
  • Summarize and analyze process data
  • Identify root causes and generate solutions to eliminate them
  • Systematically improve processes using data and statistical tools


  • Introduction to Six Sigma (3 Hours)
  • Introduction to Lean Systems (3 Hours)
  • Define Phase (6 hours)
  • Measure Phase (6Hours)
  • Analyze Phase (6 Hours)