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In this 20-hour certification, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of supply chain management, main processes, and the direct impact supply chain has in supporting your organization’s strategy and as a competitive advantage.

You will delve into the main supply chain processes focusing on:

  • Forecasting and demand planning
  • Demand fluctuations I
  • Implications and how to address them
  • How product design can be aligned to the supply chain 
  • How production, inventory and distribution are planned and executed
  • Maximizing revenues
  • Installed capacity and minimizing costs. 

You will also go through the operational processes identifying the most suitable transportation methods, warehouse efficiencies, inventory controls, after-sales and international trade implications.

I have been working in supply chain for more than 20 years. Throughout this time, I have worked with many companies such as Unilever, IBM, Motorola, Bellsouth International, Brightstar and Ingram Micro. I am a certified Supply Chain Professional by APICS and have participated in trainings at world-class institutions such as MIT and Georgia Tech.
Marcos Rossi


“I loved the way Marcos our instructor guided us through the material and how knowledgeable he is, providing great example and asking us to participate sharing any experience we had.”

-Marcelo Mesti, August 2020

“Excellent! Not only were the instructors very knowledgeable but the class was full of firsthand real world experiences. Great networking was an added bonus.”

-Former Student, May 2020

“I have worked in transportation and logistics for over 10 years, and in my current role, I am more involved in the S&OP process, which is a bit new to me. This course helped me see how all aspects of the SC correlate to each other.”

-Former Student, May 2020

“Instructor was outstanding! Course was highly relevant.”

-Kaylla K. Dixon, Construction Contract Manager, August 2020

“I enjoy the intensive learning session and it worked well with by busy work schedule and two kids under three at home.”

-Evens Jean-Michel, August 2020

Program Course Outline

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Certificate of Completion Awarded after attending all course dates, complete all assigned coursework and in-class activities.
Course Outline
Supply Chain Basics

In this first introductory block, we will define the scope of a Supply Chain and discuss the key requirements for managing it. We will analyze the key processes of all Supply Chains by utilizing a renowned methodology used by Fortune 500 companies. Further, we will demonstrate how a Supply Chain adds value to all stakeholders, and more importantly how it can support a company’s business strategy. Finally, we will explore how its risks can be mitigated.

Supply Chain Strategy

In this second block, we will focus on Supply Chain strategic decisions. We will use case studies to understand all variables and potential ramifications and analyze how strategy can have a direct impact into the companies’ financial results. Further, we will also learn how a Supply Chain can be controlled and improved by defining some key performance indicators (KPI) using acclaimed approaches. Finally, we will discuss security and compliance aspects, making sure that operations are being operated in alignment with internal and external requirements.  

Supply Chain Tactical Processes

In this third block, we will review critical steps for moving forward. With strategy and direction defined, we will shift to all aspects of demand forecasting, inventory planning, and the impact of product design on the supply chain. Further, we will shed light on production and distribution planning. Finally, we will learn some publically acclaimed management methodologies such as S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning), and Supplier/Customer Collaboration.

Supply Chain Execution Processes

Now that we have defined the strategy and have planned the supply chain, it’s time to execute. In this final module, we will go over all practical aspects of procurement, inventory management, warehousing, distribution, transportation, imports/exports and reverse logistics.

Build a Supply Chain

Throughout the course, students will participate in a guided simulation exercise. Groups will work together to create a fictitious model Supply Chain. On the final day of our program, each group will present their unique Supply Chains.




  • Create positive financial impact to your organization
  • Improve the key processes and financial levers of supply chain management
  • Learn the fundamentals of supply chain management


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