Dual-Degree Programs

Dual-Degree Program

The Dual-degree Program offers undergraduate bachelor’s students and post-graduate master’s students from an FIU international partner universities the opportunity to complete two degree programs in almost the same amount of time as completing one. The program allows for student exchange providing participants with the opportunity of studying on two different campuses in two different countries.

Upon completion of both  programs graduation requirements, both institutions award equivalent degrees. Undergraduate and post-graduate students receive two degrees; one from their home institution and one from FIU.

How it works?

Students visit the program coordinator at their home institution managing the FIU partnership to discuss the students qualifications and develop a plan of study. The plan of study will outline the required coursework at both institutions and the required timeframe to complete both institutional requirements. Prior to completing FIU coursework, the student must apply and be accepted into the program.

Program Benefits:

  • Administrative support from both institutions
  • Campus Resources at both campuses
  • Degrees awarded by both institutions
  • A Worlds Ahead experience